General Information

Float Photo is looking to see your work!
We accept all photographic styles. We will be looking for bodies of work that are cohesive and thought out. This applies for both our online content and our magazine issues.
If your work was not selected, feel free to try again to another platform or with a different body of work. In addition, we run online exhibitions, book reviews and portfolio show case – so there are plenty of ways to have your work shown to our community.
Due to a large quantity of emails, it might take us some time to answer you back but we make the effort to respond to you all. 

Send all submissions to :

Magazine Portfolio | Killing Time

Photography is all about the elusive notion of capturing 'Time'. Since the decisive moment we are on the run to find the best way to capture time in our images. Is it even possible? or is it just a given by the medium itself?

With this complex title and theme, we are looking to see your images that might fit the theme of 'Killing Time' - interpret it as you see fit. We will select body's of work that tackle this idea from various points of views with different visual tools. 

Please send us 10-20 images from one body of work. Title your images in this format: First Name_Last Name_01.jpg.
Please send us images at 850px on the long side but be sure to have high res photos on file in case your work is selected. In the email also include your website and an artist statement. 

Magazine issue Submissions are now CLOSED

Online Portfolio

Submit 10-15 images (one body of work) , An artist statement or relevant text to the work, which include a title and some description of the work. Images should be  Filetype .jpeg, 1200px on the long side. Please add your website for additional reference. Please do not send files via Wetransfer as we don't always get to download the files before it expires. 

Instagram Takeover

Send us your Instagram user name link and handle name + A self portrait.

Book Review Submission

Send us a link or a few images of the book itself in addition to 1-5 images from the body of work.
If we find it interesting we will provide you with an address for you to ship the book to. We will review it and post it online. Please note: Books sent to the Float Library will not be returned.