Nicholas Gaffney

To photograph something is, often, to choose to make a seemingly insignificant subject meaningful. Significance can be found in the eeriness of wooden people placed in a corn maze, or in the beauty of an old amusement park ride called Orbiter.

Michael Froio

The Pennsylvania Railroad was one of the most storied institutions in American history, operating the largest railroad in the US for over a century. The PRR, as it was known, developed infrastructure, engineering standards and traffic systems that still carry trains today on a system that evolved continually through its long history.

Tito Mouraz

One of the most impressive memories of mine is the one of Cabine Street, at Lapa do Lobo. It was where I spent a great number of my school holidays, in the house, at my grandparents' grocery or at Vale do Boi, where my grandfather did his farming.

Lara Bacchiega

The starting point for this project was the Augè’s definition of non-place and the will to verify if his concept can be applied to the contemporary landscape. The appropriate area of research for this investigation has been identified in the seaside town of Bibione, in the province of Venice.

Tomasz Böhm

A dream, that had become a nightmare. A month-long, highly anticipated journey had turned out to be one of the worst experiences, even before setting off. Discovering Iceland with a person, who has still been a life partner only a month before, presently being just a difficult memory, was the reason behind a highly turbulent material.

Alessandra Calo

Secret Garden | “Secret Garden” involves the viewer into an intimate journey through the reinterpretation of archival materials coming from the last century and collected by Alessandra Calò. During the years the artist has been collected glass negatives representing unknown women portraits.

Hannah Slaney

Pensioners Picnic The Coach Trip | Inspired by the Beatles magical Mystery tour and a nostalgic nod to the coach trips that pensioners take around the UK. 

Yorgos Efthymiadis

During World War II, my father was given a small handgun by his uncle -a guerrilla fighting the Nazis in the Pindos ranges in Greece- to protect the family. He was six years old. Although his uncle was one of the liberators of Thessaloniki in late 1944, he was murdered by Greek traitors the following year.

Rehan Miskci

I’m a visual artist working mainly with photography, video and installation. Given my background as an Istanbulite Armenian, I have always been familiar with notions of historical conflict, displacement and erosion of cultural identity.

Ben Humphries

Beached exposes the sunnier side of life and provides an artful view on some of the most simplest of delights. With the increasingly packed Carcavelos Beach as the stunning backdrop, the series portrays the instinctive connection between humans and the relief of mother nature. The place where sea and land collide creates a paradise of vibrant colours with personalities flourishing in the stifling heat of the sun. 

Daria Amaranth

I like the feeling of an insurmountable mystery, that mystery that envelops like a fog, filled with dramatic emotions, I need to put a feeling into a photograph, something completely deep in every picture, as much as possible.