Collin Avery

Collin Avery

Collin Avery (b.1987) is an American artist from Adams, MA. He received a BA in photography from Montana State University in 2012. Much of his photographic work is influenced from his memories of adolescence and his idea of home. His series entitled Remain Calm was on display at Saatchi Gallery in London as part of the Google Photography Prize (2012). His work has also been featured online including Flak Photo, Lenscratch, Aint-Bad Magazine, Art Photo Index, Actual Colors May Vary, Latent Image, Problemata Physica, and Oranbeg Press.

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When did you first become interested in photography? 

I was always drawn to photography, but never thought much about it until I was in my early 20’s.

You mostly take photos of still live - could you tell us why?

To me, inanimate objects are the easiest subjects to work with. I feel I was socially awkward as a child and I found solace in being alone and personifying these everyday objects around me.

 I see that you also sometimes use found footage such as Kodak color slides - what about these object resins most with you?

I am a big fan of nostalgia, and anything that reminds me of my childhood and or my family really resonates with how I see


What is the most important tool you have as an artist? 

I believe the most important tool I have is my imagination.

How do you define a good photograph in your opinion? When do you know a photo you captured is good or bad?

Art and photography is always going to be subjective. When I get excited about an image I make, I never know if it will resonate with anyone other than myself.  On the surface, I am just looking for things that I find interesting or beautiful.

What are you looking in yours images?

Like most artists, I find myself to be my toughest critic. There isn’t anyone who spends more time with my work than myself and usually that comes back to bite me.


What would you consider your biggest success?

Not getting wrapped up in comparing myself to other people’s careers and just doing my own thing and being okay with that.

And what about the biggest failure? 

 I would just say that anytime I second guess my own intuitions. Always go with your gut instinct.

Best advice for a fellow artist? 

Be yourself.

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