Antonia Messineo

Antonia Messineo

Antonia Messineo 

Pasta e Patate

A5 Size
26 Pages
Edition of 100
Digital Printing




From the artist:

Pasta e Patate arises from the special relationship I have with Elisa, my maternal grandmother. When we are together she tells me stories of her life that fascinate me, and some of these are left unfinished like a mystery. This photographic collection consists of archival photos and pictures taken in our everyday life. The fanzine is a four-handed work created by me and Elisa, who machine bound it.

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Book review by Carissa Holly Mattern  |

Through a light, fairy tune and daylight shining across her photo zine on a white marbled, what we can assume, countertop, Antonia Messineo doesn't allow much time for nostalgia. 27 seconds to be exact.

After the first run of 27 seconds of Pasta e Patate, for the second and third run, I was pausing the video after each photo to build a relationship with it -- something I'm not sure Antonia is wanting me to have. Out of all the photos, handwritten notes, and pattern presented, I can't stop thinking about the second and fourth photographs.


On the third run of this all too quick 27 seconds, I realized the second photo was duplicated as the fourth... but it wasn't an exact duplication. The book has shifted down ever so slightly and the lighting is darker. Why? I'm immediately drawn to what the reasoning could be for this not-so-identical-but-looks-it-in-27-seconds-duplication. I'm overcome by a sense of sadness. This movement and the difference in light makes me think of death. The end. The end of a relationship? Or was it pure coincidence?

Antonia used mystery to her description of this zine. It is because of that word and the second and fourth photograph, that I'm not wanting to give too much away. Like the ending of a good movie, you just have to see it for yourself.

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Adam Geary

Adam Geary