'Surreal Estate' Submission

'Surreal Estate' Submission


Float magazine in collaboration with Casual Science (Charlie C. Camuglia) are accepting submissions until November 11th 2018 for a postcard publication and enamel pin set.

We are looking for photographs of surreal scenes found in the world around you. Selected images will be made into a series of postcards that seemingly hail from another reality, paired with an enamel badge related to the series. We hope to see surreal scenes that are mystifying by nature, and not by way of multiple exposure, light leak, performance, or or any other effect.

Charlie C. Camuglia is a loud introvert, a bad joke dispenser, and a multidisciplinary artist from NYC whose creative efforts are primarily devoted to exploring and collecting casual sciences – moments of naturally occurring surrealism – on 35mm film. Camuglia has three newly self-published books and is on a mission to make photography a more communal medium by developing and producing various collaborative projects. Most recently, they have accepted the role of Visual Arts Editor for Peach Magazine. Their work has been shown at galleries statewide, including the Queens Museum and Burchfield Penney Art Center, as well as in various DIY and independent spaces and publications.

How to submit:
1. Pay the $3.50 submission fee HERE
2. Submit up to 10 images and your info using this Google Form

Easy just like that :-)

Submission theme: Surreal Estate

Fee: $3.50

Submissions Deadline: November 11th, 2018

Visit our FAQ page to learn more

Have any questions? Send us an email to floatzine@gmail.com 

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